–  Mekan& Modell was founded in 1961 by Torsten Johansson in Långasjö, close to Emmaboda in Småland, as a wood working company making patterns for casting. In 1968 the company moved into today’s premises in Alvesta. By then Torsten’s brothers Sixten and Gunnar also were active in the company. Casting patterns and molds for the glass industry were the main part of the business at that time.

–  From 2000 the company was run jointly by Stefan Trygg and Torbjörn Rundelius. With the recession in the glass industry in Sweden and the closing of the foundry in Alvesta, the product range was expanded into designing and manufacturing molds and dies for plastic, rubber and sheet metal industries.

–  Since 2013 Mekan& Modell AB has been run by Stefan Trygg and Johan Ennerfelt as partners. Our customers can be found in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

–  Our machining capabilities today is in line with our manufacturing needs. We are located in premises with a total area of 1300 sqm including 1000 sqm assigned for production.

–  Our mission is to continue to develop the company as a professional partner for cost effective design and manufacturing of molds, dies and patterns. Located in Alvesta, in the south of Sweden, we are easily reached by train, car and by air.